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Health Link

Date: 01/04/2022

The Programme is ended on 1 April 2022.



It is increasingly common that elderly people suffer from ‘3Hs’ (hypertension, hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia). Osteoporosis is closely associated with bone fractures among elders as well. Failure to manage the related chronic diseases properly will not only worsen their physical and mental health, but also induce expenditure, pressure of carers, and thus the burden of public healthcare system.

With the funding support of BOCHK Centenary Charity Programme allocated through the Community Chest of Hong Kong, the two-year community health service project was launched in April 2020.  Through a 3-tier “Primary Healthcare” model, the project aims at promoting cross-sector collaboration and synergizing community effort to improve the elders’ health condition related to ‘3Hs’ and osteoporosis as well as to reduce related risks, so as to fill existing gaps of the public healthcare service in the long run. By connecting and building supportive network among different stakeholders of the community, the project also aims at raising their awareness to chronically ill elders and carers, enabling elders to age in place.


  1. To raise the understanding of elders and their carers on chronic diseases such as ‘3Hs’ and osteoporosis so as to build healthy lifestyles
  2. To improve self-management capability of elders with 3Hs and/or osteoporosis
  3. To facilitate collaboration  between community partners on supporting the elders with above diseases 

Service Targets

  1. Elders aged 60 or above suffering from ‘3Hs’ and/or osteoporosis in Kwun Tong District and their carers
  2. Community partners such as students, ethnic minorities, businesses and groups who provide support to elders suffering from chronic diseases and their carers

Service Boundary

  • Kwun Tong District

Service Contents  

By adopting a 3-tier model to promote, prevent and control chronic diseases according to different health conditions of the elderly.

1st-tier: Promotion
  • Organise community education talks and health checks
  • Recruit volunteers as Health Linkers to establish a community network for promoting a healthy lifestyle for elders
2nd-tier: Prevention
  • Train students and volunteers as I-Buddy of the elders and carers in need to encourage building of healthy lifestyles 
3rd-tier: Control
  • Set up community clinics and video consultations (telehealth) to give casework support and referral services to needy elders

Funding Organisation

The project is supported by the Community Chest