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Jockey Club On Tai Buddy Mutual Support Project

Date: 01/10/2022

The Programme is ended on 1 October 2022.



Being situated on the highest point in Kowloon East, the Anderson community includes On Tat Estate and On Tai Estate, which amount to a population of nearly 50,000 residents. The community has a great demand in transportation, education, employment, leisure facilities, community culture and family growth, etc. Gaining experience from our Community Support Network Project in the past three years, we have been aware of the importance of exploring residents' social capital and collaborating with community stakeholders across sectors to facilitate residents’ adaptation to the new housing estates and provide timely support to families in need, which can then enhance family function and promote the spirit of neighbourhood support.

Funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the Jockey Club On Tai Buddy Mutual Support Project runs from October 2019 till September 2022. The project aims to foster a support network among families in On Tat Estate and On Tai Estate through the synergy of cross sector collaboration, strengthening the resilience and positive energy of families. Our project also advocates the spirit of cross generational inclusion to consolidate family relationship and the sense of belonging towards the community, building “community bonding” among residents, thus establishing a loving and harmonious community.


  1. To explore the abilities and strengths of individual residents, enhancing positive emotions and relationship, hence consolidating family relationship and resloving their disputes;
  2. To develop mutually supportive relationships among residents, fostering a community network and strengthening a sense of belonging towards the community, establishing a loving and harmonious community;
  3. To strengthen the power of a new community through synergy of cross sector collaboration.

Strategies and Content

(Consolidating Social Capital  Building Happy Families  Creating a Supportive Community)
  • Establishing a community network and a mutual support platform
    reaching out to residents and providing diversified activities, conglomerating a supportive network among families in the community. 

  • Providing parental education to young parents and offering family support service
    fostering parent-child communication and improving family relations, early identification of children and families in need, providing consultations as well as service referrals.

  • Enhancing social capital
    exploring residents’ edges, linking different stakeholders in the community, bolstering the new dynamic of the community.

Service Targets

Residents of On Tat Estate and On Tai Estate (main service targets)

Funded by

project funded by hong kong jockey club charities trust