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Hong Kong Christian Service Holds Premiere of ‘Connected Souls’ Microfilm

Date: 25/09/2023

Leung Chung Hang and Timothy Cheng lead the way in telling social services stories

Almost 100 corporate representatives attend to discuss social service partnership

Hong Kong Christian Service (HKCS) held the microfilm 'Connected Souls' premiere and a service expo last Friday (22 September). Almost 100 representatives from over 50 companies and charity foundations attended, including A.S. Watson Group, MTR Corporation, Hong Kong Disneyland, New World Development, Swire Coca-Cola, Decathlon, Shangri-la Group, Adrian and Jennifer Cheng Foundation, and ZeShan Foundation. During the event, representatives of the companies and charity foundations had in-depth discussions with HKCS staff on developing social services. HKCS hopes the event will promote cross-sector partnerships to strengthen social services so that more people in need can receive appropriate support and build a sustainable society.

After the premiere, HKCS hosted a service expo with the theme 'Opportunities', showcasing opportunities for collaboration with the business sector, such as providing venues and volunteer support for children and elderly activities to give carers 'opportunities to breathe'; arranging work experience and mentoring programmes to give young people 'opportunities to grow'; combining different expertise to explore 'opportunities to co-create' new services, etc.

Speaking at the event, Ms Yvonne Chak, Director of HKCS, said, 'HKCS has maintained the spirit of a "social service laboratory" over the years, advocating innovative service models. At present, many of our services are subsidised by the government. Still, at the same time, a number of services can only operate with the support of corporate partners, charity foundations and the public, allowing us to maintain and develop various non-governmental subsidised social services, especially to support people who cannot benefit from mainstream social services, such as hidden youth, elders with emigrant children and carers.'

'Connected Souls' is produced by HKCS, directed by John Leung Yu and starring Leung Chung Hang, Choi Wai Ki and Timothy Cheng Tse Sing. The story follows a film director as he makes microfilm for HKCS, visiting various service units to learn about the social service stories. Leung Chung Hang said his most memorable impression during the filming was the care workers of HKCS’s Integrated Home Care Service Team. He initially thought the care workers were just ‘working for a job’, but ‘they are full of passion and pride for this job’. He hopes the public will not see themselves as insignificant and believe that even small actions can make a big difference.

'Connected Souls' is now available on HKCS’s YouTube channel:https://youtu.be/vfiwK_zAFEM


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  • Ms Yvonne Chak, Director of HKCS (4th Right, Front Row), Director John Leung (3rd Right, Front Row), Actor Leung Chung Hang (2nd Right, Front Row) pictured with service users and staff who participated in the filming and business partners who attended the event.
  • Ms Yvonne Chak, Director of HKCS, hopes that all sectors of society will join hands to support the underprivileged.
  • HKCS introduced three significant collaboration opportunities with the business sector - ‘Opportunities to Breathe’, ‘Opportunities to Grow’, and ‘Opportunities to Co-create’.
  • Actor Leung Chung Hang played a film director in ‘Connected Souls’ and was moved after seeing the passion of frontline social service staff during filming.
  • Many business partners attended the event and engaged with HKCS staff.
  • Many business partners attended the event and engaged with HKCS staff.
  • Posters of ‘Connected Souls’
  • Posters of ‘Connected Souls’
  • Scenes of ‘Connected Souls’
  • Scenes of ‘Connected Souls’