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Arts Development Fund for Children with Special Needs

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The "Arts Development Fund for Children with Special Needs" was officially launched in July 2013. Its objective is used to uncover more resources to inspire the artistic potential of children with special needs and enrich their artistic life.




We are convinced that all human beings are equal before arts. Children with different abilities or backgrounds all have the creative potential and the right to participate in arts activities.




  • Identify and increase resources to inspire the artistic potential of children with special needs and enrich the artistic life of children through various fundraising activities
  • Cultivate children's artistic interest so as to enhance their ability to create, analyse, organise and express themselves
  • Promote an inclusive society that is accepting and full of mutual appreciation through the work of art education for families of children with special needs, staff training, public education and advocacy.


Fund Use

In the past years, we have used diverse art group activities and art exhibitions to promote the holistic development of children with special needs, enhance their self-confidence, creativity, communication and expressive skills; and advocate an atmosphere of artistic inclusion in society.

We are committed to using arts activities as a medium to foster our children's development in the aspects of cognition, perception, fine motor and creativity. We strive to build a creative environment with no grading pressure or competition so that children can express their inner feelings freely and experience the process of being appreciated and respected.



Target Funding Users

  • All children and their families who are utilising the services under our Child Rehabilitation Service, with priority for families eligible for the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme (CSSA) and families of low-income
  • Professional workers from our service units


Funding Categories

  • Category I: Subsidising a child for arts training
  • Category II: Subsidising a child and his/her families to participate in arts activities
  • Category III: Subsidising professional staff to participate in arts training



  • Children with special needs have a challenging time growing up. We hope that people from all walks of life can work together to support children's artisitc development and make a contribution to the Arts Development Fund for children with special needs.
  • Please send cheque (payable to: Hong Kong Christian Service) in-person or mail the cheque to the above service unit.
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