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In 1990, Hong Kong Christian Service established the very first company-run nursery school in Hong Kong – the Wayfoong Nursery School. Later, in 1993, our second non-profit-making school – United Christian Medical Service Nursery School, also company-run, was established. The main purpose of these two schools was to take care of the employees’ children while they worked for the companies.

Our mission is to provide quality educational service to children so that they could achieve "holistic development". We also stress on cooperation between schools and families so that parents can become education partners with us throughout their children's development.

We have designed a systematic and integrated curriculum that include special topics, thematic teaching, and socio-cultural education. Through these interesting teaching modules, young children can acquire basic knowledge and attitude towards life.

We put high emphasis on children's language learning and creative arts education. We promote quality in children's lives by fostering their thinking and problem-solving ability through life experiences. Every day, we provide news and thematic sharing. We also conduct outings, visits by experts and parent-child activities to meet different teaching needs. In the afternoons, we provide a range of cultural, arts, spiritual and moral education activities to enhance the fun and well-being of children. We have Chinese and English reading programmes both online and offline to improve children's reading interest and habit. They are able to apply the language and express themselves through meaningful language environment.



Target Service Recipients

Children aged 2 to 6 who are in good health and physically fit, mainly children of the company staff.

Admission qualifications will differ slightly as each school operates according to the needs of the company.

You are welcome to visit the following websites for more details:



Application and Withdrawal Procedures
and Service Hours

The application procedures, withdrawal procedures and service hours are set according to the needs of the individual company, so the situation will be different for each school.

You are welcome to visit the following websites for more details:

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  • https://ucmsns.hkcschild.edu.hk